Last Update 29 June 2022

Terms of Services

1. Agreement

By using our services and/or websites you fully agree to these Terms of Services. This agreement will immediatly take full effect while you use our services and/or websites.

2. Our rights to end contract

2.1) We reserve the right to end or terminate your license for any but also the following listed reasons. We are not required to provide you with a notice of termination of your license.

2.1.1) any illegal or malicious activity such as piracy, fraud attempts, decompiling of our software.

2.1.2) sharing,leaking,distributing any files shared and/or owned by Minters Suite with other third parties.

2.1.3) other damage to Minter Suite which can be linked to your license and/or use of Minter Suite software (weak storage of license keys, hacked accounts, etc).

2.1.4) 2.1.2) applies too if your files are being leaked without your knowledge.

2.1.5) not respecting or following our rules for the use of our services/websites/Discord server. Contact us at if you need more info.

2.2) We reserve the right to withdraw the product and shut down all our services. We may communicate the shut down in advance with a one week period.

3. Refunds

As our product is digital product, we do not offer refunds. Please contact us at if you feel a refund is required.

4. License and Payments

4.1) The ownership only of a Minter Suite License ERC-721 token will not automatically grant you the right to use our services.

4.2) We may cancel the access to our services/websites if your renewal payments to Minter Suite are overdue and not paid.

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